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Creative Cat Names. Creative cat names are a welcome alternative if you are looking for unique and unusual cat names. The list below includes creative names inspired by artists, literature and other sources. But, you may ask, what makes a name a creative name? Famous cat names in literature. Naming your cat is a personal thing and it is not easy to find a perfect kitten name. Sometimes the name pops to your mind and sometimes you need a little inspiration. We have over unique kitten names in our database, along with the meaning, gender and origin. rows · This list of fictional cats in literature is subsidiary to the list of fictional is restricted solely to notable feline characters from notable literary works of fiction. For characters that appear in several separate works, only the earliest work will be recorded here.

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Among the many species that are used as witches' "particulars," the cat is the preeminent species depicted as the witches familiar. Other familiars may come in the form of hares, toads, snakes, cat names in literature, and owls. These familiars aid witches and warlocks in their rituals and the casting of spells. Initially, the witch's familiar was seen as a satanic spirit that briefly assumed the shape of an animal, when not at work performing the bidding of the dark forces.

Today we see the familiar as a benevolent companion to the witch, but in medieval times, they were viewed in a much more sinister light.

Matthew Hopkins made a good living for himself in the s by ridding villages of their witches. Through the use of sleep deprivation, he was able to obtain many confessions. Here he recounts an exhausted witch calling out for her familiars and their arrival in his tome, The Discovery of Witches. Farmara who came in like a fat spaniel without any legs at all Vinegar Tomcat names in literature, who was like a long-legg'd Greyhound, cat names in literature, with an head like an Oxe Sack and Sugarlike a black Rabbet Neweslike a Polecat.

Hopkins suggests that the satanic gave these spirits ridiculous names in order to trick the witches into cat names in literature these spirits were not associated with the dark arts. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. How about the name Mauger pronounced Mosher? He was a relative a couple of generations down of Charlemagne.

He was originally Archbishop of Rouen. Rumor had it that he practiced black magic as a Hermit around large fires. Eventually he waded into the English Channel and committed suicide, cat names in literature.

Thanks for the names : I chose Nyx for my last boy and now I chose Sahir for my new boy that I just got. The facts that you've shared are very interesting. Some of them are linked to sad incidents, but I appreciate the education that I received by reading your article. Thanks for sharing the cat name ideas, too, cat names in literature. One of cat names in literature previous cats was called Tabitha. I'm going to keep the name Saga in mind for the future. If you get a female cat and are interested in witchy names, I might suggest Agnes.

She was neither an evil occultist, burned at the stake nor did she meet an early, heinous end. Agnes means pure or holy. Archimedes makes a nice neutral name for a male cat. Greek mathematician, inventor, physicist and astronomer, Archimedes was one of the greatest minds of his day.

He is considered one of the great mathematicians of the ages. A lovely name for a calculating male cat! Some of those names I can't even pronounce. Others seem kind of scary. If I get another cat I want it to have a name that sounds like it fits its personality very well.

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Solaras more. Cats and Witchcraft Among the many species that are used as witches' "particulars," the cat is the preeminent species depicted as the witches familiar. She along with 70 others in the area were accused of attending a witches coven on Halloween night and conspiring to kill the king by casting a spell on his ship, which was returning with his bride from Denmark. The king's voyage had been beset by ferocious storms, and he believed that dark forces had conspired to raise Mother Nature up against him.

Those accused were tortured and questioned by the king himself. Agnes resolutely defended her innocence, cat names in literature, however, the witch's bridle, a torture device that held the head via four prongs in the mouth and was chained to the wall, proved more than she could bear.

Agnes finally confessed to vexing the king's ship and was put to death via strangulation and burning. The shop has now closed. An online store, The Enchanted, still offers her jewelry and talismans. Nationally renowned, she has been featured on the talk show circuit and on Leonard Nimoy's series, In Cat names in literature Of Delphi: The Oracle of Delphi was the most respected oracle of the ancient world. It was believed that her powers of foresight were derived directly through the gift of Apollo.

Also known as the Pythia cat names in literature, meaning House of Snakes, she is one of the best documented religious institutions of the era with nearly all of the classical writers making descriptions of her prophecies. By the seventh century BC, she was the most powerful and prestigious cat names in literature of the classical world.

Name your cat Delphi if you are seeking an all-knowing companion. Kyteler: Alice Kyteler was the first person convicted of witchcraft in Ireland. Born of Flemish parents in Kilkenny County, Alice was the only daughter of wealthy merchants.

Married four times, Alice and her second husband were accused by her younger sons of killing her first husband and their father, William Outlaw. Alice was resented in the community for her activities as a money lender. Inher fourth husband fell ill and stated that he believed he was being poisoned. Alice and her household were subsequently accused of sorcery and poisoning. Alice fled to England following her conviction, however, her servant, cat names in literature, Petronella, and eldest son, William Outlaw Jrwere convicted of witchcraft.

Petronella was executed for the crime while William, who recanted, was sentenced to three masses a day, as well as caring for and feeding the poor for one year. She and her daughter. Marie Catherine Laveau II, had a large following of both black and white believers. Inas many as 12, followers massed along the shores of Lake Pontchartrain to watch the daughter perform her legendary rites on St. John's Eve. Being of mixed race heritage, one-third Native American, one-third African American and one-third French Creole, both mother and daughter were hailed as voodoo queens.

Malin: Malin Matsdotter was one of the last to be executed during Sweden's great witch hunt, known as the Great Noise. Accused by her own daughters of corrupting their daughters, by taking her grandchildren to a Black Sabbath, Malin firmly maintained her innocence.

Swedish tradition held that the condemned witches be executed prior to burning, yet Malin's stubborn insistence on her innocence seems to have riled the authorities' ire. She was condemned to death by burning. Malin was zen-like in her death, cat names in literature, showing no pain and refusing to cry out.

This and her final curse on her daughters, that they fall eternally into the hands of Satan, convinced the villagers of her guilt. Salem: Salem Massachusetts in the late s became a hotbed of accusations of witchcraft and executions by burning at the cat names in literature. The origin of the mysterious fits two young girls suffered is believed to have been a fungus that contaminated the Salem food supply.

However, a well meaning doctor diagnosed the girls with a dark magic spell, a diagnosis that cat names in literature destroyed a community. Contamination of the food supply continued to bring on fits and delirium in the residents, while the accused brought down their enemies and personal rivals with new accusations of collussions in dark magic.

Some 20 residents of Salem were executed for witchcraft, many more had their families destroyed by the accusations, cat names in literature. Tituba: One of the original three accused of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts incat names in literature, Tituba was a Caribbean slave girl.

The three women were accused of causing fits cat names in literature delirium in two young girls via witchcraft. Tituba confessed to being a witch and then accused others of participating in Black Magic.

Panic ensued as others settled old scores via accusations. In all, some men and women were accused of witchcraft in this small community. Tituba was found guilty of witchcraft, cat names in literature pardoned, perhaps for her assistance in apprehending more witches.

Ursula: Ursula Southeil, also known as Mother Shipton, lived in the s and was considered England's greatest clairvoyant of her time. Described as hideous, and known locally as hag face, it was believed that she was the daughter of the union of a witch and Satan. Unlike many of her contemporaries, Ursula was spared beheading or burning at the stake, instead, she died of natural causes, and was buried on unhallowed ground.

Warlock and Witch Names for Male Cats From History Abramelin the Mage: A powerful warlock of the 15th Century, Abramelin created a complex system of magic based on a complex process that summoned good and evil to do his bidding. His secrets were published in the Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin, which was revered by the occult community and Aleister Crowley as well.

Aleister: Aleister Crowley was a poet, novelist, writer, mountaineer and occultist. Crowley practiced ceremonial magick and founded an occult religion, Thelema, cat names in literature. In Aleister joined the Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn, where he was trained in the arts of ceremonial magick.

On a trip to Egypt, he was visited by a being of a higher existence, Aiwass, who delivered unto him The Book of The Law. This text became the basis of his occult religion Thelema. As the head of Thelema, Crowley believed he was cat names in literature humanity into the Aeon of Horus, in which a new moral principle will prevail, cat names in literature what thou shall wilt.

Balthasar: One of the three Maji that visit the newborn baby Jesus, the mages or wizards are now thought to be Zoroastrian priests, rather than kings. The Persian maji were astronomers, astrologers and mathematicians. The wizard, meaning wise one, cat names in literature, combines magic with religion as parts of one whole. In fiction the name Balthazar is used for both angelic and demonic supernatural beings.


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Dec 07,  · Top 10 cats in literature Talking cat The ultimate talking-cat story. At a country-house weekend before the first world war, a guest claims to be able to bestow the gift of speech on animals. Creative Cat Names. Creative cat names are a welcome alternative if you are looking for unique and unusual cat names. The list below includes creative names inspired by artists, literature and other sources. But, you may ask, what makes a name a creative name? Apr 28,  · 65 Unique Witch Names for Cats From History and Literature. Updated on July 12, Solaras. Cat Names From Witches' Familiars. Initially, the witch's familiar was seen as a satanic spirit that briefly assumed the shape of an animal, when not at work performing the bidding of the dark forces. Today we see the familiar as a benevolent Reviews: 8.