Compiling the Appendices for a Clinical Study Report


clinical study report

An individual familiar with the study design and data analysis (such as the clinical investigator or study statistician) will need to be involved in order to accurately summarize the results information in the tabular format required by law and to ensure that the results are . In addition to sharing technical results summaries on and (EudraCT), Amgen has committed to publicly disclose a synopsis of each clinical study report (CSR Synopsis) for Amgen-sponsored trials included in the marketing application beginning with new product approvals in Peplin Clinical Study Report PEP PEP (ingenol mebutate) Gel Final Clinical Study Report 1 TITLE PAGE Title: A month, long-term follow-up study .

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To make this task easier and less time consuming you need to start thinking about it before you even begin to write the CSR. We aim to provide information and support written by our experienced staff. We want to share our knowledge and create an archive of information that you will be able to engage with, share and comment on. Home Who are we? Search this site on Google. Quanticate CRO Blog. Compiling the Appendices for a Clinical Study Report.

Note Following clinical study report R1 guideline can make the publishing process easier, as it allows certain items to be excluded from the CSR appendices if they are included in the Study Clinical study report. ICH E3 also contains guideline numbering.

Share the list with the appropriate person eg, Project Managerwho should provide each required document as it becomes final. Ideally, use Microsoft MS Word versions or pdfs and avoid scanned documents. MS Excel files or scanned documents should not be included unless there is no other option. If scanned files are to be included, they should be scanned using optical character recognition OCR where possible.

When feasible, review the Statistical Analysis Plan SAP and check that the tables, clinical study report, listings and figures are correctly numbered see item 1. Compilation of an appendix can begin as soon as the relevant final appendix material has been received, clinical study report. For each appendix file, update the TOC with details as per the content of each appendix and convert the TOC text to blue font. Ensure that all document properties and personal information metadata are removed from the MS Word file.

The guidance documents also list which fonts are acceptable eg, Times New Roman is fine, Cambria is not. Delete any unnecessary blank pages. Ensure each modular CSR file is named in accordance with appropriate naming conventions. Ensure bookmarks and hyperlinks are present within each modular appendix file for each item listed on the TOC, clinical study report. Bookmarks and hyperlinks can be added within Adobe Acrobat or using an Adobe Acrobat plug-in software.

Consistency in whether the bookmarks are collapsed or expanded should be maintained between all modular files. The Medical Writer should consider the usefulness to the reviewers of how to present bookmarks ie, collapsed or expanded. For each appendix file, check the TOC and update to ensure that it contains correct page numbering. Page numbering can be updated using the Edit tools within Adobe Acrobat or using an Adobe Acrobat plug-in software, clinical study report.

When each appendix file has been converted to PDF, and bookmarked and hyperlinked, add the header clinical study report footer to every page of each modular PDF appendix file using Adobe Acrobat or using an Adobe Acrobat plug-in software.

The header and footer detail should be consistent with that used in the CSR body. The page number is normally present in the footer. Finally, you should ask a colleague to perform a quality control check on the entire clinical study report. About The Author.

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clinical study report


When a study begins we post a protocol summary, which includes the study’s objectives and design. Once the study has completed, we provide a summary of the results. We also disclose full protocols, statistical analysis plans, clinical study reports, regulatory . Aug 09,  · Downloadable Templates and Tools for Clinical Research. By The Editorial Team Welcome to Global Health Trials' tools and templates library. Please note that this page has been updated for following a quality check and review of the templates, and many new ones have been added. Clinical study report template: Finances Management. A new FDA pilot program will publish information from sponsor-produced clinical study reports (CSR) — starting with documents volunteered by companies following a drug’s approval — as part of broader agency efforts to boost transparency in clinical trials and streamline the review process.