New Planned Parenthood Annual Report Shows Increase in Excess Revenue


planned parenthood annual report

The numbers in Planned Parenthood's annual report confirm what rational observers have long known: It exists to provide abortions, and not much Alexandra Desanctis. open the doors of Planned Parenthood health centers across the country to provide high-quality, compassionate care. In , nearly Planned Parenthood health centers served million women, men, and young people. And we’re providing accurate health information MESSAGE FROM OUR LEADERSHIP 01 02 ANNUAL REPORT. But Planned Parenthood’s own annual report does the work of its critics, showing that the organization is, first and foremost, a corporation that profits from the routine killing of unborn human Author: Alexandra Desanctis.

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Four Cheers for Incandescent Light Bulbs. The Mad Negotiator. John Relyea, planned parenthood annual report, Man of Parts. Theodore Roosevelt on the Range. Light on the Shadow World. Reading Like a Child. Lewis and the Religion of Science. The organization — which recently celebrated its centennial anniversary — has just released its annual report for the —17 fiscal year.

The numbers confirm what rational observers have long known: Planned Parenthood exists to provide abortions, and not much else. Amid the gloom, there is one glimmer of positive news. Last year, the group provided fewer abortions than it had the year before, though the number is still staggering:abortion procedures in one year alone, planned parenthood annual report. In —16, Planned Parenthood reportedabortions. The U. This report is no exception, planned parenthood annual report, and the astonishing figure ofis treated as nothing more than a footnote.

Aided by Hollywood, complicit media, and Democratic politicians and activists, Planned Parenthood cloaks the truth beneath empty rhetoric about resisting the hostile Trump administration. But key facts in this report unveil the brutal reality: Planned Parenthood is a corporation that exists primarily to profit from abortion. Here are the top myths Planned Parenthood peddles that are debunked by information from its own annual report. This statistic has been rated false by left-leaning outlets, including Slate and the Planned parenthood annual report Post.

Take an example. A woman walks into a Planned Parenthood clinic. She takes a pregnancy test, meets with a counselor, planned parenthood annual report, and chooses to have an abortion procedure. The actual numbers in the report tell a drastically different story. Look, for instance, at how theabortion procedures dwarf adoption referrals 3, and prenatal services 7, Planned Parenthood performed 83 abortions for every one adoption referral last year.

And its prenatal services have dropped steadily every year sincefrom over 40, that year to just under 8, last year.

Surely this is why the national organization routinely imposes abortion quotas on its regional affiliates and rewards planned parenthood annual report that exceed their abortion targets. The report indicates that Planned Parenthood saw 2. According to the report, the only significant services offered, besides abortion, are STI and HIV tests, contraception, and pregnancy tests. This means that several states have only a handful of Planned Parenthood centers, and some have as few as one or two.

And yet we are supposed to believe that these paltry clinics provide essential care to women who would otherwise have nowhere to go. In reality, there exist over 13, federally qualified health-care centers across the country that offer a wide array of actual health-care procedures, not just a tiny selection of reproductive services. These centers outnumber Planned Parenthood facilities 20 to one.

It is beyond absurd to suggest that American women would have nowhere to turn for health care if not to Planned Parenthood. The group is, understandably, fixated on retaining and expanding that funding — surely in large part for the PR cover it provides. The fungibility of money, of course, means that any federal money given to Planned Parenthood aids the group in providing planned parenthood annual report. But the group could very easily continue to exist without federal money.

For one thing, the Trump administration has been great for business. If Planned Parenthood were ever actually defunded, you can bet that number would skyrocket even higher. Given its commitment to abortion, and its lack of commitment to much else in the way of actual health care, it should be required planned parenthood annual report do just that. The public square is rife with misinformation and outright lies about what Planned Parenthood does.

Its own annual report should end any debate. It is, first and foremost, a corporation that profits from the routine and casual slaughter of unborn children. For the sake of political prudence, it must be defunded. For the sake of justice, it must be shut down. Population Control, the Undying Dream of the Left. More articles. Previous articles. Planned Parenthood both needs and deserves government funding.

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planned parenthood annual report


Jan 21,  · Planned Parenthood – Record Profits, Record Income, Record Taxpayer Funding, Abortions Up, No Increase in Medical Clients. January 21, Over the March For Life weekend, Planned Parenthood Federation of America released its Annual report shows the organization had a record income of $ billion and the highest annual profit ($ million) in its . Annual Reports. These reports look at the many ways Planned Parenthood is striving to create the healthiest generation ever. The current lists of Board members and key staff are listed in . Jan 08,  · Planned Parenthood quietly released its long-expected annual report covering over the holiday weekend. The document affirms the assertion of .